Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, I don't really write in this blog very much, but I have become completely addicted to other blogs. Google Reader is the devil for making so easy and convenient to waste hours on end reading about people you don't know or things you could never afford to buy. However, I think it can be amazing to hear about other people experiencing things that I also experience and exploring how they cope with them. Must be the psychologist in me...

Recently, I've read some blogs by some people who have a very strong and deep faith about trusting in the Lord and His plans for their lives. I know not everyone has that same belief system, but my faith is very important to me. Over the years, I have come to see that God DOES have a plan for me and it is WAY better than any plan I would have for myself. When I try to make plans that don't jive with God, you better believe that they don't work out. When I try to have a relationship with someone who is not right for me or try to force something before its time, no dice. I never thought I would end up in Memphis - here I am. I never thought I would STAY in Memphis after some rough patches during internship - here I am. I never thought I would TURN DOWN Emory to stay in Memphis - here I am. I never thought I would meet someone so amazing and funny and handsome and smart and kind who actually loved me back - here I am. I have no idea what the future holds - when things will happen, in what way, shape, or form. However, I have complete faith and trust that God will make the way for me to have the desires of my heart if I continue to have faith in Him.

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charlestonyaya said...

Hey there Colby!! Sounds like you are doing great things with your life. Where is your Mom? What about Erik and your Dad? David and I are still in Tampa, Kelly is in Charleston right down the road from Sharon. Kaiti is married, living in Jacksonville, NC and mom to Collin. Check my blog for some updates on everyone and pictures -
Keep on keeping on with your internship, fellowship, etc - kids are in trouble out there and need you!! love, Kathy