Friday, December 3, 2010

FLYing now

I haven't posted in forever, so I really should post a more substantive blog. However, I only have a minute, and I want to capture this before it leaves my brain.

About 2 weeks ago, I discovered the FLYLady. I first heard about her in a book that I perused in a bookstore in Starkville, and then I read about her again on the blog of a friend from high school. I decided to check out her site, and it really rang true for me. Some other time I'll go into all of the connections between her site and recommendations and my background in psychology. It all fits together quite nicely.

But for now, I will just say this so I won't forget it! Last night, I made soup for a co-worker and her husband because the husband had surgery yesterday. I was home along because J was out of town for work, and I get really lazy when I'm home alone. I ate a ridiculous supper, just out of laziness. But in any event, since I've been FLYing with the FLYLady, I've had a nice, shiny sink for two weeks. After cooking the soup, I filled the soup pot with hot, soapy water. I was so tempted to leave it overnight and just get to it this morning. However, my habit of cleaning out and shining the sink each night has taken hold! I had to wash that pot and put it in the dishwasher before I could go to bed! I guess those baby steps really do build up into a habit over time!

More later!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I won't be adding it to my WW Points Tracker for today

I think if you walk up AND down 3 flights of stairs to buy a Snickers bar from the vending machine, it totally cancels out the calories of consuming the Snickers bar.