Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things That Are "Not My Favorite" About Memphis

Also known as: Why I Hate Memphis OR Things I Won't Miss When I Leave This City

  1. The crime: Hello! Car broken into, radio stolen...not fun.
  2. The horrible drivers: They even make ME look like a good driver! Jeesh!
  3. The weird smell: So, for some reason it smells kind of like a chicken processing plant sometimes. It's not all the time, and it's not a yummy-Memphis-BBQ kind of smell. It's clearly something strange, like a chicken processing plant. You might be saying, "Hey, Colby. How do you know what a chicken processing plant smells like?" Well, friend, I lived in Athens for five years, and much of that time I lived near the chicken plants on Tallassee Road. Also, there's a lot of rural-ality (yeah, I just made that up) around Athens and other places I've lived in my life, so one might expect that chickens (and the plants required to process them) would be hanging around. One would think that a moderately-sized city, such as Memphis, would not have such an aroma. One would be wrong. We are just across the river from Arkansas, though. Maybe that explains it.

This is just the beginning of this list. I'm sure it will get longer and longer as the year progresses. I'll also add additional points under the above gripes. (The bad drivers could be a blog post all on their own.) However, I wanted to get these out of my brain and posted into this cyberspace thing tonight.

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Jess and Brent said...

You poor thing...I've definitely seen the "wonderful" driving there! Didn't notice the smell though, but I didn't venture out of downtown really...I hope I don't notice it this know I have a sensitive nose!

Hang in there...what doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER (so you can go for many know what I'm singing!)